Joel Naukkarinen

Goal winning Olympics

“I firmly believe I will reach my goal through systematic, determined and sustained coaching – developing from exercise to excercise and year after year. I’m fully committed to this objective. The passion for rowing, constant desire to develop and the Finnish spirit make sure that the pressure remains on the blades of my oar. My personality and motivation, supported by modern coaching knowhow and good mood, are milestones for a successful project.”

Joel Naukkarinen

Birthday: 30.3.1993 Kouvola
Residence: Kuopio
Studies: Medical school, University of Eastern Finland
Height/weight: 187cm / 91kg

“The first experiences are from 2009 in churchboat rowing in fitness rowing and in the Finnish championship team of high school. I started at Valkeala Rowing Club, from where I moved to Kouvola Rowing Club and double rowing. The very first season was successful – Finnish championships of Juniors and even in the men’s Open. As a result, I decided to focus to olympic rowing where I could reach the highest international level.”

What’s new?

Finnishpair is now Rowing Finn – J.REX

Finnishpair's bow rider Antti announced in March 2019 that his racing career was over and new winds are blowing at full speed in his career. A new story since this spring and now Joel Naukkarinen is rowing single sculls under a new brand: Rowing Finn - J.REX. So...