Joel Naukkarinen

"Kokka kohisten kohti kultaa!"

Height: 187 centimeters

Weight:  91 kilograms

Birthday: 30.3.1993, Kouvola

Hometown: Kuopio

Studies: Medical school, University of Eastern Finland

Sports background: I started pounding as a teenager. I wanted to use the power and chose boxing as my sport. However, I had not enough speed and I found my capacities were better suited to endurance types. I started rowing, running and cycling among other things.

Rowing experience: The first experiences are from 2009 in churchboat rowing in fitness rowing and in the Finnish championship team of high school. I started at Valkeala Rowing Club, from where I moved to Kouvola Rowing Club and with my pair Antti to double rowing. The very first season was success – Finnish championships of Juniors and even in the men’s Open. As a result, we decided to turn to the olympic rowing where we could reach the highest international level.

Best rowing memory: Successfull races with Antti right from the first season, rowing in the church boat together with the team of Kouvola Rowing Club achieving World Championships and long trainining days up to 100 km in first year on lake Veckjärvi coached by Petri Alanko.

Favorite Exercise: The first main exercise of the day in the morning, can be maximum, speed, basicendurance or gym. Everything goes and it’s good to practice in the morning.

Leisure time: I try to study about a couple of hours a day. In the evening, you can relax and stretch while watching the TV.

Motto: Sportsman’s  motivation is measured by amount of training, athlete’s by everything else. Each athlete practices as much as the recovery allows. But what is crucial in top-level sports is what you do for recovering. For example, training can be “only” 4-6 hours a day, but rest of the day is recovery well planned. An athlete’s working day is 24 hours and it demands  highest motivation.

Weakness: Far too perfectionist. It’s not bad in training, but it causes stress in everything else. Maybe you should know how to relax better.

Strength: An overall approach to top-level sport so that you understand the importance of many different factors, such as the importance of recovery. Muscle care, rest and nutrition require far more effort than training itself and they strongly determine your life. I have to give up many nice things compared to my age group, but I don’t complain: training is my way of life.




Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020

Olympics gold 2020 or 2024



109 FC- medals

SEC- ja SWC- medals

Indoor rowing EC ja WC medals


Over 10 Finnish records

World record  – 1 minute indoor rowing

World record  – 100 km indoor rowing

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